Dream Filled Life

You know how, as a child, you have that one dream about what you want to be when you grow up? Perhaps it was to be a Doctor or a Vet. Maybe it was to be a famous idol or a movie star. Or maybe you were a bit like me and had way to many dreams. I wanted to be a diver, gymnast, competition horse jumper, dancer, model, actress, singer, the list went on. Sadly I had convinced myself to give up on everyone of them. When I turned 15 my parents started me on piano lessons. I loved it! Music became my passion and my dream. When I started dealing with depression music was my escape, my haven. I knew I wanted to become a famous singer and travel the world but yet at the same time I thought that was to big a dream for me. I was a small town country girl, homeschooled, and attending a church with less than 60 people how was I ever going to make it big? So I gave up. I decided I should just settle down, get married, and live a small town life next to my family in the country. Sadly a lot of girls settle for less then their dreams. Sometimes their lives turn out great and they are happy they made that choice, others end up regretting it AND their life. Why do we give up on our dreams? The main two reasons are Fear and Unbelief. They were two of the main reasons I gave up on mine. One day I happened to be talking to a pastor friend of mine and he gave me this quote by Mark Batterson “If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s to small.” he told me that though our dreams seem huge to us they are small in Gods eyes. Every time we say that the dreams God gave us are to big we are putting God in a box. Nothing is to big for God. Nothing! The dreams and passions God put upon your heart are part of your Identity in Him! Don’t ever give up on that. They may seem impossible to us but we have God on our side. We just need to trust Him and follow through in faith. I know that’s easier said then done, trust me I’m struggling with that constantly today, but God’s desires for us to dream big. To use the amazing gifts and talents He gave us for a reason! Now I’m not saying that every dream you have will come true. I never got to be a gymnast or a diver, but that’s not what I was called to be. Find the dream that is God’s calling for you and be prepared to be put outside of your comfort zone. God doesn’t want us to stay inside our comfy little box. We are useless to Him there.  We were meant to break free, step out in faith, and become the amazing dreamers God created us to be. Don’t settle for less. Live a dream filled life.


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