Ariel Got Nothing On Me

What’s a girls childhood without her Disney princesses? Though Ariel was not my all-time favorite I did end up becoming a lot like her as I grew up. Ariel and I have one major thing in common, the lack of being content. Ariel’s troubles started when she wasn’t content with what she had and where and what she was. She wanted a different life, and when she saved the man of her dreams she wanted to be a part of a whole different world, even if it meant sacrificing the things she held dearest to her heart.  I always thought she was stupid for giving up something so precious as her voice and even her family but then I realized I was doing the same thing. All because I wasn’t content with what I had, who I was, or where I was suppose to be. I tried to make deals with God to change my life, I wanted a different one, one that was more famous and exciting. As you can guess my life started going down hill, fast. My first sacrifice was myself; my happiness, my joy, my freedom, my spirit, everything that I used to be. When that wasn’t enough I sacrificed my family. I turned away from their love and support and I refused to listen to any words of knowledge or help they tried to give. I moved away to a different world to try and start the life I dreamed of. Just like Ariel I found out that my dream world wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. In fact I was less content then when I was home and living the life God gave me to live. My life outside of God’s plan sucked. I had no voice, no hope, no spirit, and I was far from being content. I went back home defeated and without the strength to fight for anything anymore… but that’s when I got my miracle. God gave me a second chance to live the life He had for me in the world He created. I got my voice back, my hope back, and most of all, my spirit back. I realized that the life God had called me to lead would be so much more exciting and action packed then anything I could ever dream of. Surprises, suspense, trials, new friends, new relationships, and happy endings were all in store for me if I just learned to be content in all things. Even though I understand now that God wants me to be content where He has placed me at this moment in time and to live life enjoying the present instead of worrying about the future I struggle with it everyday. It’s hard to be content when you are surrounded by 2 feet of snow instead of basking in 80 degree weather. Or trying to be content when you are stuck at home babysitting instead of hanging out with friends. It’s hard. I want to be out traveling; exploring different countries, meeting new people, trying new things. I want to make an impact on people’s lives. I want to make a difference. How am I suppose to do that when I’m stuck in a small country town? Have you ever felt like that? That you were wasting time? That God wasn’t letting you experience your dreams? How were you suppose to be content when God wasn’t giving you anything to be content about? I understand those feelings. I’ve asked those very same questions. Girls we aren’t wasting time. We are in a crucial learning point of our lives. God wants us to learn to be content in ALL things. When we can learn to be happy with the small things and appreciate them for everything that they are then the bigger things that we yearn for and look forward to become even more of a gift to experience. We need to take every little opportunity in life that God gives us as a big opportunity. Where He has placed us at this moment in time is where He wants us. Even if we don’t think we can do anything important where we are right now we need to be content with where He has placed us until He moves us. We can’t see the bigger picture from our viewpoint but God can. Maybe that person you complimented at the store today was having a bad day and those words really helped cheer them up. They in turn then helped out an elderly vet on the side of the road catch a taxi ride home. That elderly vet then shared an amazing conversation with his taxi driver about his life and experiences in the war and how God helped him through his struggles. That taxi driver went home that night and cried out to God for help instead of committing suicide like he had planned. Though this is all what if scenarios, God has and will, use you in ways you never thought of or will know about on this earth. Wherever you are placed or whatever life you are called to live be content in all things. God knows all the lives you will touch when you are faithful in the smaller things in life as well as the big. Just as Ariel had a happy ending to her story God has a happy ending for yours as well, but only if you learn to be content in every little thing God places in your life. Happiness is found when you can look at the smaller things in life and see their beauty for what it really is. A gift from God.


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